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If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680
If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680

Ryan Denniston, VP of Services

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Headshot of Ryan Denniston from Blue Team Alpha

Ryan Denniston

Vice President of Services

Ryan Denniston, VP of Services at Blue Team Alpha, is a dynamic leader with over two decades of engineering and security experience. A CISSP-certified professional and US Marine Corps veteran, his career embodies discipline, dedication, and strategic thinking. 

At Bitso.com, Denniston held two impactful roles. As Head of Payments Engineering, he scaled teams from 3 to over 40 engineers, developing 15+ financial products and managing a monthly transactional flow exceeding 500 million USD. As CISO, he set the security vision, achieved remarkable milestones, increased compliance with legislation frameworks, reduced fraud complaints by 90%, and established global security policies to enhance data governance. 

As the founding CTO of Rubica.com, Denniston managed a 43-member team, making Rubica.com the first cloud security company to offer corporate-level cybersecurity protection to individuals. 

His tenure at Cyberpoint International showcased his commitment to advancing cybersecurity. As Cybersecurity Senior Engineer/Consultant in Abu Dhabi. He led an agile development team of 10 international security engineers, actively identifying and exploiting infosec bugs in various software applications, contributing significantly to the team’s success. 

At Norse Corporation, Denniston built and led a team of 12 in product innovation and tool engineering and a team of 4 in Data Engineering. He created a scalable big data cluster processing 5TB of cybersecurity data daily with <1-second search speeds, leading to a remarkable 23% increase in sales. 

Denniston’s journey began with an illustrious military service in the US Marine Corps. He displayed exceptional leadership and management skills throughout his tenure, leading a platoon of over 30 marines in the Signals Intelligence field.  

Ryan Denniston’s impressive achievements and extensive experience in engineering and cybersecurity speak volumes about his dedication and passion for his field. His dynamic leadership, strategic insights, and technical expertise make him a valuable asset to Blue Team Alpha’s leadership team. As the VP of Services, Denniston’s vision and commitment to driving success are set to chart a course for continued growth and innovation within the organization. 

To learn more about Ryan Denniston or to learn more about Blue Team Alpha, contact us today!

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