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An Impending Threat

Cyberattacks targeting business email accounts continue to rise at an alarming rate and can involve:

  • Wire Fraud
  • False Invoice Schemes
  • CEO Fraud
  • Data Theft
  • Full Network Breach
  • Attorney Impersonations

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AlphaRisk✔︎ from Blue Team Alpha examines your organization's cybersecurity posture and prevention measures to identify any potential security gaps. We know the techniques the attackers use and we are looking to see if your business is vulnerable to these hacks.

All AlphaRisk✔︎ Vulnerability Assessments come with a final report card, recommendations, and best practice tips that any business can act on in a short amount of time and which will lower your organization's vulnerability to BEC (Business Email Compromise) and associated attacks.

  • Email service review for key BEC prevention settings & protocols.
  • External, credentialed vulnerability scan.
  • Customized, targeted phishing campaign to determine click rate vulnerability.
  • Policy review for key BEC prevention components.
  • Dark web search for compromised logins, passwords, hashes, and important data.
  • Cybersecurity awareness program review for key BEC prevention training curriculum.

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  • Password Policy Review
  • Funds Transfer Policy Review
  • Vendor Change of Account Policy Review
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program Review
  • Log Levels & Retention
  • Forwarding Rules
  • External Credentialed Vulnerability Scan
  • Dark Web Domain Search
  • Targeted Phishing Test
  • Final Report

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