If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680
If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680

Incident Response Retainer

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Time is Critical. Be Prepared. Elite Experts for Rapid Cyberattack Response.

About AlphaProactive

AlphaProactive is an incident response retainer, offering an elite team of experts on standby to enable faster response to cyberattacks. Our seasoned experts are familiar with your network, reducing business impact during critical times.

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Benefits of AlphaProactive

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We Are Ready Before You Need Us

Our Incident Response Triage and Management Program can reduce cybersecurity breach response time from days to minutes.

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Respond Faster and Get Back to Business

The AlphaProactive program lowers costs by implementing a continuous improvement process to strengthen overall security effectiveness.

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Highly Trained, Experienced, & Certified Security Professionals

With a guaranteed response time of 3 hours, businesses can have confidence in their ability to handle a cyberattack and get a return on their investment.

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AlphaProactive Deliverables

Daily Updates and Planning

We'll attend daily update calls and give status updates to the team and interested parties if authorized. We also provide regular hour usage updates.


We collaborate with all involved parties, including legal counsel, forensics, and insurance providers.

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Final Reports

We create and deliver final reports to appropriate parties, including an investigation report for each individual response request.

AlphaProactive Objectives


To prepare your team, we will train your staff on response procedures and assist in creating, testing, and updating incident response plans to identify critical assets.

Prompt Response

Our experts provide swift and effective responses to cybersecurity incidents, available 24/7 to evaluate and contain the situation, minimizing its impact.


Our team will minimize incident damage by identifying breach sources, addressing vulnerabilities, and restoring systems to a secure state.


We will restore systems and data, review incidents, and update response plans to prevent future occurrences for a prompt recovery with minimal disruption.

Credentials and Expertise

Blue Team Alpha is a leading provider of incident response services, with expertise in developing tailored incident response retainers to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Proactive Incident Response for Security.

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