The First 5 Things you need to do when you're a victim of a ransomware attack


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The best way to mitigate the impacts of a ransomware attack is to act quickly and effectively. This guide details the first five steps you should take if you or your business is the victim of a ransomware attack. 

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Ransomware is the most common cybersecurity threat today. The damage to your business crosses many areas, ranging from lost revenue and wages to lost data, legal costs, and penalty fees. Then, of course, there is the reputational damage that can have lingering effects on your business for years to come.

Why you need to act quickly in the event of a ransomware attack:

The longer a ransomware attack lasts, the more damage the attack can cause. Many companies are unaware they are under attack for months, and as a result, loose thousands of dollars.  We have seen firsthand the costly impact of ransomware attacks and lengthy dwell times. One company suffered a loss of $150,000 with the attack having a dwell time of six months. Another company also saw a dwell time of six months and lost $750,000 in less than 30 days. Yet another victim was losing money at a rate of $10,000 per hour, with an attacker in their system for more than three months.


If you’re experiencing even just one of these issues, you may be under attack.

Download our free guide to find out what you should do if you’re the victim of a ransomware attack. The first steps you take are the most critical, impacting the amount of damage and cost to your company. Make sure you know what to do by arming yourself with professional tips from our team of cybersecurity experts.