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If you suspect an attack, call us at 612-399-9680


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

A piecemeal approach to cybersecurity doesn’t cut it. In order to defend against any type of attack. You need a holistic view that takes all factors into account. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) bring invaluable strategic and operational knowledge of cybersecurity to an organization. They design a comprehensive security program that protects every door and window. 

However, a highly qualified CISO can be hard to find and demands a hefty salary. A virtual CISO (vCISO) enables organizations to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of this role without having to pay for the service full-time. The vCISO service from Blue Team Alpha is a cost-effective path to get the strategic approach and business acumen required for a successful cybersecurity program. We work closely with you, particularly your CIO and CTO, to truly understand your business and technical risks. 

An effective vCISO gives you a strategic approach to cybersecurity. You benefit from the expertise of someone that understands information security risks  and who is up-to-date on the current state of cybersecurity. A vCISO analyzes your company’s information security risk holistically, bringing confidentiality, integrity, and availability to your most crucial data. 

A vCISO can help your organization:

  • Gain and maintain compliance
  • Build and maintain your security program
  • Secure and harden your business processes
  • Protect critical data, such as trade industry information, intellectual property, and customer data

When you enlist our vCISO service, you get:

  • Regular meetings to assess the risks to your business and develop a security plan
  • Data flow maps to identify the critical data in your organization, how it moves, who it is shared with, and how it is disposed
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk of critical systems and data
  • The full range of Alpha Comply services

A successful cybersecurity strategy is never done. It requires maintenance and upkeep as new threats emerge. Our vCISO service runs on an annual subscription. Regular meetings continue so we can maintain and update your security plan and program as needed.

Get the value and security of a CISO at a fraction of the cost