If you suspect an active attack, call us now at 612-399-9680.
If you suspect an attack, call us at 612-399-9680

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Analysis & Prioritization

It’s not enough to know which vulnerabilities exist within your organization. Knowing doesn’t protect you from an attack, and it often doesn’t meet compliance requirements. Vulnerability management addresses what happens after your network and application vulnerability scans take place. It not only identifies the vulnerabilities, but also prioritizes them and shows how your vulnerability program is performing over time.

Vulnerability Management from Blue Team Alpha provides guidance and reports that let you see trends, so you can accurately assess how well your company is performing when it comes to cybersecurity. Reports allow you to identify where more resources are needed to shore up defenses against an attack and whether you are meeting certain compliance requirements.

We offer three levels of service for our vulnerability management program:

Level 1: We provide the tools, as well as internal and external scans.
Level 2: We provide results analysis, making recommendations for remediation.
Level 3: We put “hands on keys” and remediate the vulnerabilities for you.

Vulnerability Management Service Levels from Blue Team Alpha

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