If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680
If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680

Managed SOC (Security Operations Center)

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Double Down on Defense

Our Managed SOC is a comprehensive, multi-layered security service designed to protect and defend data, information, assets, and endpoints on-premises, on networks, and in the cloud. The service provides 24/7 monitoring by a global team of expert security analysts and engineers, who use advanced intrusion and breach detection techniques to prevent, detect, and respond to modern cyberthreats. Blue Team Alpha’s Managed SOC combines people, processes, and technologies, providing a customized number of non-expiring, flexible retainer hours unique in the cybersecurity industry.

The Managed SOC is bundled with ​a pre-determined number of non-expiring retainer hours to allow for initial triage and rapid response to indicators of compromise.

This additional benefit is unique in the industry because the hours are flexible and do not expire. Hours may be used to investigate potential indicators to confirm if the organization was compromised, conduct tabletop exercises to train and test employees, perform risk assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, vCISO services, compliance, and more.

Proactive analysis of events and activity before a compromise
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Managed SOC Benefits

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Minimized Breach Impact

Minimize breach impact with effective prioritization of SOC activity and reduce detection time.

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Proactive Threat Hunting

Move beyond reactive incident response with proactive threat hunting.

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Data-Driven Security

Use data to shape security road maps and streamline compliance reporting.

Managed SOC Offerings

Endpoint Defense

Cyberthreats constantly evolve and become more sophisticated. Managed SOC: Endpoint Defense offers continuous monitoring, analysis, alerting, and response for endpoint devices and operating systems, providing peace of mind and a powerful defense against modern cyberattacks.
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Network Defense

In today's digital landscape, securing your digital infrastructure is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity. Managed SOC: Network Defense provides continuous monitoring, analysis, alerting, and response to ensure the security of your designated network and infrastructure devices. Our industry best practices and customized security policies give you peace of mind by notifying you of policy violations and suspicious activity on your network.
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Cloud Defense

Managed SOC: Cloud Defense continuously monitors, analyzes, alerts, and responds to the access and management of different Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-native applications, environments, and infrastructure. During the onboarding period, we customize the service to each client’s needs using customer-defined policies and industry best practices.
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Managed SOC provides the following capabilities

Credentials and Expertise

Blue Team Alpha’s team members are highly experienced and qualified professionals with extensive expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Our professionals include former military and government cybersecurity experts and professionals from top technology and consulting firms.  We have a proven track record of providing effective and reliable security solutions to clients across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and government.

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