If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680
If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680

Change Healthcare Attack: Lessons Learned and Proactive Defense Strategies

2024 Change Healthcare Cyberattack

“The 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack underscores the vulnerability we all face in the healthcare industry. Blue Team Alpha is working tirelessly alongside our clients to defend against these threats. As a Navy veteran, I’ve seen firsthand the need for resilience in difficult situations. We’re committed to that same resilience when it comes to protecting patient data and healthcare operations.”

– Joe Kingland, CEO of Blue Team Alpha.

The ripple effects of the 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack have caused widespread disruption and stress for healthcare providers nationwide. Blue Team Alpha understands the challenges this presents. Our goal with this blog is to offer support and guidance. We’re committed to helping the healthcare industry learn from this incident and build stronger defenses. This blog provides insights into the attack and outlines proactive strategies to enhance your cybersecurity posture. If you’re a Blue Team Alpha client directly impacted by the situation, please know we are working tirelessly to support you.


On February 21st, the U.S. healthcare system was shaken to its core as Change Healthcare, a vital technology provider, fell victim to a targeted cyberattack. The fallout has been severe. Change Healthcare plays a crucial role in processing billions of transactions annually, including eligibility checks, pharmacy transactions, and claims processing – all of which directly impact patient care.

Because of this attack, financial lifelines have been cut, causing severe distress for countless healthcare providers. Patient care has been disrupted as administrative processes grind to a halt or require costly and time-consuming manual workarounds.

The Data Speaks Volumes

The American Hospital Association underscores just how deeply this attack has impacted the industry:

2024 Change Healthcare Cyberattack

74% of hospitals experienced disruptions directly impacting patient care.

Nearly 40% of hospitals saw patients denied or delayed necessary care due to insurance approval obstacles.

Graph of Financial Losses

94% of hospitals suffered financial losses from the attack, with over half reporting significant impacts.

82% experienced compromised cash flow, with 33% losing over half their revenue.

Nearly 60% report daily revenue losses over $1 million.

44% expect financial repercussions to last 2-4 months.

Over 20% remain unsure of the full financial damage.

Most hospitals are relying on inefficient workarounds that strain resources and money.

67% of hospitals face major hurdles in switching clearinghouses, leaving them limited options.

81% report workarounds only offer partial solutions.

11% find them entirely ineffective.

These numbers are a stark reminder that the healthcare industry is under relentless digital assault.

The Change Healthcare attack isn’t about placing blame. It’s a wake-up call highlighting the urgent need for the entire industry to adapt and learn. No system is invulnerable, and as adversaries become more sophisticated, so must our defenses.


The 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack illuminates a harsh reality: healthcare is a prime target for devastating cyberattacks. These incidents aren’t just a temporary nuisance; they jeopardize patient lives and threaten the very foundation of our healthcare infrastructure.

Why Healthcare is So Vulnerable

  • Treasure Trove of Data: Healthcare records contain highly sensitive information, from medical histories to financial details. This data is lucrative for cybercriminals to exploit.
  • Interconnected & Legacy Systems: Hospitals and clinics rely on a complex network of systems. Many of these are outdated and vulnerable, making them easy entry points for attackers.
  • Life-or-Death Urgency: Healthcare providers operate under immense pressure. This urgency can be exploited by attackers who understand that disruptions could force organizations to pay a ransom quickly, even if they have some defenses in place.

The Face of the Enemy

It’s crucial to understand that these aren’t isolated incidents perpetrated by lone hackers. Healthcare faces sophisticated criminal organizations and even state-sponsored attacks. These adversaries are well-funded, patient, and constantly evolving their tactics.

The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher

When healthcare systems falter, the consequences are severe:

  • Delayed or Denied Care: Disruption can lead to postponed surgeries, problems with medication refills, and overall delays in patient care, potentially with dire consequences.
  • Financial Ruin: Hospitals and providers facing revenue loss and recovery costs can be forced into bankruptcy.
  • Eroding Trust: If patients fear their data is compromised, they might hesitate to seek care, undermining the core function of our healthcare system.

The 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack is a clarion call. It exposes the fragility of even vital systems when facing determined adversaries. Proactive adaptation, not reactive response, is the only way to secure the future of healthcare. Healthcare’s mission is too critical to allow cyber threats to hold it hostage. The time to bolster defenses isn’t tomorrow or next week – it’s right now.


The fallout from this attack offers critical lessons the healthcare community cannot afford to overlook. Let’s break down some essential takeaways:

  • The Need for Collaboration: Individual defenses aren’t enough. Threat intelligence sharing, coordinated security protocols, and industry-wide collaboration are essential to staying ahead of these evolving threats.
  • Heightened Vulnerability: Healthcare organizations, regardless of size, must recognize their inherent vulnerability. Legacy systems, the extensive sensitive data, and the sector’s interdependencies make it a prime target. This requires a new mindset, with cybersecurity seen not as an optional add-on, but as a core operational requirement.
  • Robust Cybersecurity is Imperative: Prevention is vastly superior to recovery. The costs of a breach, financial and in terms of disrupted patient care, far outweigh the investment in robust prevention. Multi-factor authentication, zero-trust architecture, and continuous threat monitoring are now essential components of healthcare cybersecurity.

The 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack highlights that complacency is the true enemy. By learning from this incident and making proactive changes, we can build a healthcare sector far more resilient in the face of future threats.


At Blue Team Alpha, we’re more than just cybersecurity consultants – we’re battle-tested veterans. Our team honed their skills in the crucible of the world’s most demanding cyber defense units. This experience isn’t just about repelling attacks, it’s about forging unyielding resilience.

Building Resilience, Not Just Defenses

We understand that true cybersecurity isn’t just a list of technical safeguards. It’s a holistic approach drawn from our experience protecting the nation’s most critical systems. We help our clients build a security posture that can withstand, adapt, and rapidly recover from cyberattacks.

Blue Team Alpha’s Core Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the healthcare sector’s unique challenges:

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing: Think of this like a medical checkup for your systems. We’ll probe for weaknesses and simulate real-world attacks, giving you a roadmap to prioritize risk mitigation.
  • Incident Response Planning and Training: When a breach happens, time is of the essence. We’ll help you develop rock-solid incident response plans and train your staff to act decisively, minimizing damage.
  • Ongoing Security Monitoring: Threats never sleep. Our continuous monitoring solutions are your frontline defenders, detecting anomalies and stopping attacks in their tracks.

Partnering with Blue Team Alpha isn’t just about deploying solutions; it’s about building a more secure future for healthcare. Together, we can forge defenses that protect both your vital systems and the patients you serve.


We stand in solidarity with the healthcare community during this challenging time. The 2024 Change Healthcare cyberattack reminds us that vigilance is paramount. In today’s evolving threat landscape, proactive cybersecurity isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Blue Team Alpha has a proven track record of partnering with healthcare organizations to bolster their defenses. Our team’s battlefield-forged expertise translates directly into securing the systems and data that power critical healthcare operations.

Proactive measures and industry-wide collaboration are the only ways to ensure a more secure future. We’re committed to doing our part to protect the heart of our healthcare system.

If you’re ready to take your cybersecurity posture to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Blue Team Alpha for a personalized consultation and let us help you build unyielding resilience against cyberthreats.

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