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An Elite Cybersecurity Force

Blue Team Alpha™ is the world-class team of cybersecurity experts to call when you're building defenses against a network breach, or when you discover that you've been breached and aren't sure what to do next.

Our Cybersecurity Incident Response Team is here to help you triage any cyberattack your business experiences, as well as engineer a roadmap to safety.

Protect your business

Cybersecurity Solutions for Peace of Mind

Blue Team Alpha offers a fast, cost-effective path to securing your information, before or after a breach.

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Incident Response, Investigation, and Containment

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Managed Operations

Blue Team Alpha offers project-based and managed cybersecurity services for any size business or organization in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, legal, financial, manufacturing, education, government, non-profit, and tech.

Projects include emergency incident response, securing network configurations, or helping your company remediate gaps in security posture and achieving compliance within your industry.

Managed services are centered around your company's cybersecurity structure and operations. The heart of our managed services offerings is the Blue Team Alpha Security Operations Center, which monitors client information systems, investigates abnormal behaviors, and takes the steps necessary to eliminate the problem.

Keeping out threats is the goal, so we also offer AlphaRisk✔︎, a Business Email Compromise (BEC) Risk Assessment. We scan your company’s network for vulnerabilities and then make recommendations to remediate, integrating not only into your company's existing Change Control processes, but also into your team and established project management flow.

Have a cybersecurity assessment, but don't know where to start or are struggling to make progress? Give us a call.

Cybersecurity Incident Response

Incident response is a strategic reaction to a network security breach, exploit, or cyberattack. Our expert team will quickly identify an attack, minimize its effects, contain the damage, and identify the origin of the incident to reduce the risk of future attacks. When security threats arise, an efficient and effective response is essential.


If you suspect an active breach, call us now.


Possible indicators of a cybersecurity incident:

  • Suspicious/unexpected money transfer
  • Suspicious/unexpected vendor account change request
  • Multiple failed login attempts (brute force)
  • Abnormal remote login sessions
  • Unauthorized forwarding rules
  • Logins from an unfamiliar domain

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Business Email Compromise (BEC)
Risk Assessment

AlphaRisk✔︎™ examines your organization's cybersecurity posture and prevention measures to identify any potential security gaps. We know the techniques the attackers use and we are looking to see if your business is vulnerable to these hacks.

All AlphaRisk✔︎ Vulnerability Assessments come with a final report card, recommendations, and best practice tips that any business can act on in a short amount of time and which will lower your organization's vulnerability to BEC (Business Email Compromise) and associated attacks.


AlphaComply from Blue Team Alpha

Cybersecurity Management,

AlphaComply™ provides cybersecurity management software that makes it easy to build, manage, and report all of your cybersecurity functions through one unified interface. Take the guesswork out of building a cybersecurity program.

With AlphaComply you will be able to streamline your company's cybersecurity compliance management and save hundreds of hours of manual administrative work, providing unprecedented visibility and control of your organization's data. Ditch the spreadsheets and take control of your cybersecurity program.


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