If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680
If you suspect an active attack on your business, call our emergency hotline at: 612-399-9680

Emergency Incident Response

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Immediate Incident Response and Remediation Service

About AlphaResponse

AlphaResponse is an elite incident response and remediation service that offers businesses a swift and effective response to minimize damage and get them back to operation as quickly as possible. Our certified security professionals are available 24/7 to provide hands-on support anywhere in the continental United States.

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Benefits of AlphaResponse

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Smoother, Faster Response

We have the resources, skills, and experience to respond swiftly and effectively in the event of an attack. Our team can have hands on keys within the hour and boots on the ground within 36 hours, anywhere within the continental United States.

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Complete Recovery

Our approach to incident response is different. We eradicate the threat actor AND reestablish business continuity. We work around the clock to recover your machines and network and get your devices back online so you can get back to business.

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Proactive Security Monitoring

Our SOC Analysts provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and alerting for your services, using sophisticated event analysis. Tailored to your requirements, our proactive monitoring enhances threat detection.

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AlphaResponse Deliverables

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We'll attend daily update calls, give status updates to the team and to authorized updates per legal/insurance guidance, and provide regular hour usage updates.

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Collaborate, communicate, assist, and respond to other parties involved in the incident response, including legal counsel, forensic and investigation service providers, and the client’s insurance provider.

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Final Deliverables

Our expert team will create a final report and deliver it to the appropriate parties.

AlphaResponse Objectives

Rapid Breach Assessment

Swiftly assess the extent of a security breach and determine the best course of action to mitigate damage to the company.

Effective Countermeasures Deployment

Deploy appropriate and effective countermeasures, including ransomware negotiation or data restoration from backups, to contain and mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Seamless Collaboration with Third-Party Providers

In cases where ransomware payment or data restoration is necessary, we work closely with the IT team and third-party service providers to ensure efficient coordination and resolution.

Timely Recovery and Restoration

Our goal is to promptly restore the environment to normal operations, working in partnership with the IT team or third-party service providers to minimize downtime and restore business continuity.


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This phase involves forensically collecting data while following industry-standard methodologies. The goal is to determine the scope of the incident and gather as much information as possible about the compromised environment.
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During this phase, the attack vector, entry point, and extent of the compromise are determined. This is done by analyzing email and hardware configurations and logs, querying endpoints, and identifying suspicious behaviors.
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The goal of this phase is to halt the breach, prevent further damage, and limit or prevent adversary activity. This is done by monitoring tooling for malicious code and suspicious behavior, implementing whitelists and blacklists, and executing authorized password resets and configuration changes.
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In this phase, the incident’s root cause is found and eliminated to prevent similar types of attacks in the future. This is done by managing coverage of incident response tooling, implementing policies to prevent malicious binary from executing, and remediating malicious binaries.
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The final phase involves getting the systems and business operations back to normal. This is done by assisting and supporting the rebuilding, re-imaging, and reconnection of machines to the network.

Credentials and Expertise

Our team comprises certified security professionals who are experts in their field. We have extensive experience in responding to and remediating incidents of all sizes and types, and we use the latest tools and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and incident response for business continuity.

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