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Managed Cybersecurity Triage & Response

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Reduce cybersecurity breach response time from hours to minutes with our AlphaDefend Incident Response Triage and Management Program.

Evolve your incident response plan into a proactive cybersecurity program that improves incident response times, lowers costs, and implements a continuous improvement process to strengthen your overall security effectiveness.

For today’s small- and medium-sized business it is no longer a question of IF you will be attacked, it is a question of WHEN.

AlphaDefend™ gets your business ready for the WHEN.

Why are SMEs a target?

  • Money
  • Customer data
  • Employee data/PII
  • Vulnerability

AlphaDefend takes away the unknown of responding to a cyberattack and eliminates the “use it or lose it” aspect of traditional incident response retainer blocks. As long as you maintain your subscription, you keep the hours you have purchased. Your business will be equipped to handle the inevitable attacks on your network with a guaranteed return on your investment.

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The Alpha Defend Incident Response Program includes:

Proactive cybersecurity defense is only a phone call away